It’s nearly the end of the week which means my pantry is running low on supplies. So tonight I decided to throw what was left together and ended up with Cous Cous with Spinach and Chicken.

My kitchen is sadly sans any type of measurement tools, no cups or spoons. So I was a little daunted about making the Cous Cous, which usually needs an exact measurement of pasta to water for it to work. I turned to my college instincts and reached for the shot glasses. I threw in four shot glasses of water and let it boil then added two shot glasses of Cous Cous plus another dash for good luck and it all worked out fine. The result was about enough Cous Cous for three people.

For the chicken I simply seasoned it with a bit of salt and oregano, basically the extent of my spices here, and heated up some butter and olive oil in a pan. I always think it tastes better with the combination of the two instead of just using one or the other. I cooked the chicken until it was brown on the outsides then cut it up into strips. With the pan still warm I threw in the frozen spinach and as it thawed added a bit of salt and a tab of butter. When that was done I threw the Cous Cous and the chicken in with the spinach and tossed them together until they were all warm and mixed.

For the final touch I topped it with a sprinkling of fresh Parmesan, I am in Italy after all.

Overall a very cheap and satisfying meal.