We took a day trip to Anzio from Rome which was a nice getaway from the city. The train was only an hour and Anzio is an adorable little port town full of nice restaurants and lots and lots of seafood. The train was really affordable too, only about 2 euro one way which made it a great trip for us. It was a bit overcast on the day we went but everything was still beautiful. We stopped to have lunch in this little restaurant next to the water called Mare Novstrum.
It didn’t exactly stand out more than any other place but we had heard good things about it from friends that visited the weekend before. We were having an early lunch so it was pretty empty when we went in but we were greeted warmly and sat down in the little dining room. It is owned by an older Italian man who is very enthusiastic about his customers. We were at a little bit of a loss since our Italian isn’t great and the menu is all in Italian, but he did his best translating it for us and when he couldn’t he would just bring the ingredient out from the kitchen and show it to us.

This is me with the menu, adorably hand written and messy, plus there was only one for the whole table. Shows you just how down to earth this place is. The whole restaurant was decorated with a beach theme and was very homey.

After hearing about everything on the menu, and understanding about half of it, we all decided to get the fisherman’s risotto. I actually requested mine be made with spaghetti since I’d just had risotto the night before, and after tasting my friend’s dishes, actually think it goes better with the pasta.

The dish was just a smorgasboard of the best, freshest seafood I have ever had. There were prawns, calamari, mussels, clams and a bit of crab. It was paired with a subtle broth sauce on the pasta and everything was unbelievable. My friends were a bit scared of the prawns since they still had heads but I dug right in, and once again I became a part of the clean plate club. Some of my friends actually couldn’t finish since they were so full and the man that ran the place was pretty offended. So note to anyone going to Anzio, make sure you have a totally empty stomach if you’re coming to enjoy the food here, because you’re going to want to eat every bite.

This is the fisherman’s risotto which is what my friends ordered. The risotto was pretty creamy which is probably why they couldn’t finish the whole thing. The dish was about 12 euro, which is pretty expensive for students, but since we were visiting a new place and trying their food we decided to splurge and as long as you don’t dine this extravagantly all the time it should be able to fit into your budget too.