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By far the best Irish pub in Italy. I wouldn’t say nightlife in Rome is super expensive but it is still easy to overspend. For example, you can get a big bottle of Peroni in the supermarket for about 1 euro and some bars will charge you up to 8 euro for the same thing. Luckily, the student specials at Scholars Lounge will save you from overspending, unless you try and taste their most expensive whiskey, which I believe is a couple hundred euro for one shot. But if you stick to what is good and cheap, you’ll have a great night. Though obviously I can’t promise you the best morning after.

Scholars is located right in the heart of Rome, just a few minutes walk from both the Largo Argentina tram stop and Piazza Venezia where you can catch a bus once the tram has stopped running. Scholars is Irish owned and run which really gives it its charm. And by charm I don’t mean a really fancy, beautiful bar, I mean a messy, student-filled pub where everybody inevitably has a great time.

For students studying at the nearby universities like American University of Rome and John Cabot University there are student specials every night. You can get one of those big Peroni bottles for 3.25 euro and you can always get a big row of euro shooters. We’re not talking fancy alcohol, but it tastes good, and gets the job done.

And for those of you who don’t go to the aforementioned schools there is a Student night every Wednesday featuring Sex on the Beach and Tequila Sunrise cocktails for 4 euro, the big Peroni bottles for 3 euro and Rum/vodka/whiskey shots for just 2 euro. All in all a pretty good deal. So for the nights when you want to get wild with a bunch of other students without emptying your wallet, choose Scholars. And if you want to go out and have a quality drink, you can do it here as well, they’ve got a great selection of nice beers, Italian wines and as I said some pretty nice whiskey, plus they’ve got 8 big screens showing basically every sporting event of the night. And don’t miss karaoke night, every Sunday and Tuesday, no one’s really listening anyway so may as well have fun. Cheers!

Scholars Lounge

Via Del Plebiscito 101b, Rome

Tel: (+39) 06 69202208